April 28, 2017

We know what fruit and veg is in season throughout the year, but what does seasonality mean in terms of meat?

Well, for us it means being able send you what you want to eat, at the time of year you want to eat it. It allows you to ring the changes and make the most of what our countryside offers up as its ever-changing bounty; from tender, year-old hogget in Spring through to umami-rich Bresaola in autumn. With our seasonal boxes, you can really get into the rhythm of farming life, reflecting the flavours and textures we all naturally gravitate to at different times of year. What’s better than steak cooked over flames in summer? Or majestic roasting joints at Christmas? Our seasonal boxes also ensure that nothing whatsoever is wasted: we are preparing meat to order, making sure that each of our animals has had the time to reach maturity, slowly and naturally.

'Nose to tail eating' is a phrase that has been around for some time, and is almost verging on cliché. But it is nonetheless an important way of thinking about an animal; valuing not just the leg, shoulders or bellies but the entire beast.  That's why we makes the most of our animals, from the bones to the brisket. Not only does this approach ensure good value for you – our customers – it means that you get to enjoy the whole gamut: the flank steak and the fillet, the lard and the lardons. Nothing wasted, everything gained.

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