April 27, 2017

When presented with a prime cut of grass-fed beef, or a joint of woodland reared pork, it’s easy to know what to do with it. The meat speaks for itself. But our other products also allow you to make much more of mid-week meals and seasonal vegetables. With a larder full of our dripping, lard and bone broth you will be able to conjure up not just meat-focussed meals, but extra-special soups, roast vegetables, pastry and sauces – and pre-dinner drinks becomes something else entirely when partnered with a handful of our free-range pork scratchings. One of our family favourites is a herby, minestrone-style soup made with our bone-broth, perfect for a Saturday lunch or as a simple starter. It’s all about the deeply savoury flavours in the broth, livened up with some vibrant herbs and the first of summer’s courgettes, peas and beans.




One red onion

Two cloves of garlic

One carrot

One stick of celery

500ml Bone Broth

A teaspoon of free-range pork Lard

125 grams of free-range pork Lardons

A mixture of young courgettes, peas and broad beans, approximately 300 grams

A good handful (each) of basil and flat-leaf parsley

A small handful of toasted pine nuts

A small handful of grated parmesan cheese

A drizzle of olive oil

100gs of short dried pasta

A squeeze of lemon




Gently soften the onion, garlic, carrot and celery in the free-range lard before adding the lardons. Add the courgettes here, but keep the peas and beans back.

Once the lardons are browned and the courgettes softened, add the bone broth and bring to a simmer. Then add the pasta and keep simmering for 4 minutes less than the packet time. Finally, add the peas and broad beans and simmer until they are just tender and the pasta is al dente.

In a pestle and mortar – or a food processer – grind or pulse the herbs with a small drizzle of olive oil, before stirring in the parmesan and a squeeze of lemon. Drizzle the pesto on top of the soup. Serve with some good bread, preferably smeared with our beef dripping and a sprinkle of Maldon salt!

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