Farthing Box Subscription

A Farthing box is designed for a couple or a young family with one extra mouth to feed (or a hungry student!). A subscription is the best way to be sure of securing your supply of our delicious, nutritious and ecologically sound meat. 

Every quarter you will get at least 6kgs of meat, including a centrepiece joint to feed between 4 and 6 people, and 2 prime beef steaks. You will receive bacon, sausages (500gs each), charcuterie, at least 5 other meats and 4 additional products, such as our bone broth, beef dripping or pork-scratchings.  

We will ensure that our subscribers get to taste a wide range of centrepiece joints and steak cuts throughout the year; even the ones we want to keep for ourselves! No two boxes will be the same. See CALENDAR for the upcoming delivery dates.

As a subscriber you will receive a token gift from us each year, the first will be a Wild By Nature Meats tea towel.

Priced per box

Subscribers save £12 per box.

Shilling Box Subscription £155.00
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Guinea Box Subscription £225.00
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