Guinea Box Subscription

The Guinea box is for large, sprawling families such as ours or for those who love to entertain.  A subscription is the best way of securing your supply of our delicious, nutritious and ecologically sound meat.

Every quarter you will get at least 14kgs of meat, including a centrepiece joint to feed between 10 and 12 people and 6 prime beef steak cuts. You will receive 2 varieties of bacon (750gs each) and of sausages (500gs each), 2 types of charcuterie, at least 6 other meats sized to feed a family of six - and 6 additional products, such as bone broth, ale gravy, beef dripping, pork scratchings or bone-marrow butter.

We will ensure that our subscribers get to taste a wide range of centrepiece joints and steak cuts throughout the year; even the ones we want to keep for ourselves! No two boxes will be the same. See CALENDAR for the upcoming delivery dates.

As a subscriber you will receive a token gift from us each year, the first will be a Wild By Nature Meats tea towel

Priced per box

Subscribers save £25 per box.

Farthing Box Subscription £108.00
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Shilling Box Subscription £155.00
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