Guinea Gift Box

The Guinea Gift Box is a great gift for large families for Christmas, as a Thank You or for those who love to entertain.  They will get at least 14kgs of meat, including a centrepiece joint to feed between 10 and 12 people and 6 prime beef steaks. They will receive 2 varieties of bacon (750gs each) and of sausages (500gs each), 2 types of charcuterie, at least 6 other meats sized to feed a large family, and 6 additional products, such as bone broth, ale gravy, beef dripping, pork scratchings or bone-marrow butter.

How our gifts work

  • Check the calendar to see which seasonal box best fits your gift occasion.
  • Add your chosen gift to your cart and checkout in the normal fashion putting your details in the contact fields. 
  • We will contact you by email within 1 working day to collect the lucky recipient's name, email and details about the gift, e.g. occasion, date you would like us to let them know about your gift (if not immediately) and your personal message to be included in the box.
  • On that date we will invite them by email to give us their details and to activate your gift to them.  
  • We will keep you up to date so you know when your gift box has been delivered.
Farthing Gift Box £120.00
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Shilling Gift Box £175.00
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The Farthing Year £460.00
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The Shilling Year £670.00
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The Guinea Year £950.00
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